Sharing Emotions, out now!!!!!

2017-07-14 12:49:06 by DainykOfficial

Do you remember, Release Date: July 14, Well, it´s because Sharing Emotions is out now!, listen the album in your favorite streaming plataform right here:



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2017-07-14 13:20:05

I'll give it a listen on Soundcloud. Always up for new music.
Thank you.

(Updated ) DainykOfficial responds:

No, thanks to you for listening my music!


2017-07-14 14:15:47

: ) :

DainykOfficial responds:

Happy or Sad, oh, you are ´Sharing Your Emotions´, i get it, i think.


2017-07-14 17:26:02

It's a decent album. My favorite of the bunch is 'The Lopez (New Drums & Sounds)'.

There are a few things here and there that I'm not fond of, like how most of the songs seem to follow the same, repetitive structure, and that nearly all of the tracks have two "powering up" portions that typically occur once near the start and, again, near the end of each song. If I remember correctly, 'Memories (Version 2)' manages to break away from this trend, but only by "powering up" once at around 2:15. Still, nothing is genuinely bad in Sharing Emotions. I do get the impression that you put a lot of effort into making it, and I want to encourage that, so I bought the album on iTunes. Still, I do hope your next album is more ambitious and provides more variety. Chances are, I'll buy that one, too, if it is.

Good luck to you. :)

DainykOfficial responds:

Thanks for your feedback!, maybe in the future i´ll gonna make tracks more better.
PS: Also, thanks for purchasing the album, you help me a lot.