I need Help!!!

2017-07-12 16:10:20 by DainykOfficial

Guys, i need to create a YouTube channel to upload my songs but, i don´t have the time to upload respond comments, so, i´m searching for someone to admin my new channel, and an uploader to upload my songs, please guys, because i´m a upcoming artist, so that will be so helpful.

If anyone have the time to this and if anyone have a good program to edit videos, please contact to me via private or in Discord (if you have it, duh): ItsTrueDainyk#6994.

Well, it´s just that, thanks for your time!


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2017-07-12 17:10:36

If this is any help, you can upload songs and then set them to appear on-site at a specific date, by selecting "scheduled" under publicity. I don't think you're going to be able to find people for this, unless you're already friends with them.

DainykOfficial responds:

MMM, well, really, I don`t have the time to do that really, but, you are right.