I need your support guys.

2017-06-13 20:46:27 by DainykOfficial

Hi guys, it´s Dainyk again, well, recently i´d just making my music (Progresive House) more better than before and i need to be signed in a record label (like Frequency, Taz Network, AirwaveMusic TV, etc), so i want to be meet to other people than me, and make collabs, i trust in you guys, you are the best.

Have a nice day, Dainyk :)




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2017-06-14 01:12:14

That's the spirit kid, keep that ball rolling, imagine what you want, then figure out how to do it in the shortest amount of time. So read up on what's been said here: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/forum/13 It's okay to ask other audiophiles for reviews of your work. Only heard a few tracks, impressed by the compositions! Lurk this lady too http://edm364.newgrounds.com/ Best wishes!

DainykOfficial responds:

Thanks man!