Entry #8

New logo, new changes, new year!

2017-11-20 21:37:54 by DainykOfficial

6345193_151123190833_AFacebook.pngHi guys, it`s me again, now you can see my new logo!, finally, i decided to make something cool for it, the triangle represents the A of Dainyk, and the U represents Subtin.

About changes, i think i`ll dedicate to more genres like Future House, Future Bounce, Future Bass, Progressive House, Electro House, and maybe Drum & Bass, Drumstep, and Dubstep, i`m not sure at all but let`s see it later.

And, for the next year, i`ll try to get signed for a good record label to make remixes or maybe songs for it.

Well, mery christmas, and happy new year everyone!


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