New and first album, coming!

2017-06-16 22:34:39 by DainykOfficial

Hi guys, i´m Dainyk again, i got an a little present for you...

I´ll release an album this July 14, (this is the release date in stream plataforms), and today will be availible on SoundCloud, and of course, on Newgrounds! (like some kind of Premiere or Exclusive). This album it´s called: Sharing Emotions6345193_149766658572_AlbumArtSmall.jpg, i hope you like this album!

In the future i´ll gonna do a lot of collabs, so, please, wait!

You guys are the best, and thanks to you, well, i´m better than before.

Here is the link to stream the album on SoundCloud:

Thanks you guys, Dainyk Subtin.

I need your support guys.

2017-06-13 20:46:27 by DainykOfficial

Hi guys, it´s Dainyk again, well, recently i´d just making my music (Progresive House) more better than before and i need to be signed in a record label (like Frequency, Taz Network, AirwaveMusic TV, etc), so i want to be meet to other people than me, and make collabs, i trust in you guys, you are the best.

Have a nice day, Dainyk :)



Great news!! Torchlighed....

2017-05-04 16:01:56 by DainykOfficial

Hi guys, recently i talked with PrismaticMusic (my friend), i talked with him to give me the permission to upload Torchlighted (my remix) to Spotify, iTunes, etc, so, this remix will be my first remix to upload it to streaming plataforms, wait for it :)

Thanks Prismatic, you are awesome!